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Achievement is equal to…

What is the equation for achievement? What is the formula? What does achievement equal to?

Hi my name is Jose Roberto and one of my long term goals is to help 1 million people achieve their goals.

I plan on doing this by making a Non-profit org that is scientific/psychologically sound. The Not-for-profit Org I started, Best Club Ever’s only Long Term Goal, LTG/Purpose is to help its members achieve their goals by helping them write, share, keep track, and achieve their long and short term goals and plans. This LTG/Purpose came from Joel Osteens “Making Plans to Success Pt1, 2, &3” on Youtube

Additionally, I found a formula on Wikipidia about achievement here

One formula for achievement reads A= I*M[citation needed] where A = achievement, I = intelligence, and M = motivation. When motivation equals zero, achievement always equals zero, no matter the degree of intelligence. Similarly for intelligence: if intelligence equals zero, achievement always equals zero. The higher the combination of both intelligence and the motivation, the higher the achievements.

I agree that Motivation and Intelligence are required to achieve a goal and that if either one is zero then the goal will be zero because anything times zero is zero. I also believe that 2 extra variables are required for example currently my Motivation is high to achieve my long term goal of helping 1 million people achieve their goal and my Intelligence is around medium. Does that mean that I have already helped a medium-high amount of people to achieve their goals? What is medium-high amount of 1 million? – probably over 500k and under 1millino I think. And at my last count i was inside the hundreds of people already helped so I’m not sure this equation tells the whole story.
Example if your goal is to bake a cake by backing a cake from the box in your kitchen oven. You may look at the side of the box for intelligence as to how to bake the cake. You may be hungry or preparing for a party and this will provide your motivation. But if the box is empty, or the oven is broken than the goal cannot be achieved. We need resources, this is a variable I’m proposing to add.
Example if your goal is to bake a cake same as above, and you have intelligence as to how to bake, you have motivation to bake and you have the proper resources to bake the cake. The you have a cake right? wrong, you need to actually take action, actually bake, actually put in work. This is why i propose adding time as the last variable.

The equation i propose is Achievement of a goal = Motivation (ta)* Intelligence(ta) * Resources(ta) * Time(ta).
Where (ta)= (t)to (a)achieve that goal
3 changes, 1) I added the (ta) which makes sure that we are talking about the right variables for the job. Because motivation to bake a cake may not equal the motivation to help 1 million people achieve their goals, so it has to be specific to the goal. 2) Resources because we need equipment and ingredients to achieve. 3) Time because we need to actually work to get something.

How does this equation relate to my long term goal? Well I want to help 1 million people achieve their goals and i have already helped a few hundreds so lets just round it to 500, my Motivation is High, my Intelligence is medium. What are my Resources? I think they are medium. And the time I spent to achieve peoples goals is … … very minimal, I told you I just started.
According to this equation the things I need most to work on is the time I spend helping people achieve their goals. When I improve this it will mean the highest gains. Tied for second is my intelligence and resources, these can be increased also. Maybe i can use my time to increase my intelligence and resources and this will increase all 3. This could be “sharpening the saw” from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Try this equation on your goals and see what is your strenghts and weaknesses, where do you need to improve? And maybe help a friend

Next Times… I will show what is the equation for Motivation, Intelligence, Resources and Time so we can try to maximize them. I will also try to fit this equation into the LTG/Puprose of the Org. And/or describe how they help/hurt each other.

What do you think?
Is Achievement equal to
= M*I                                   OR
Is there another variable missing?
Is this equation helpful? if so, how?
What is the equation for M? I? R? T?

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